Tuesday, February 26, 2013

First comes B-day then comes V-day , then Comes another B-day:0)

Well lots has happend this month, First off, my B-day. It was Fun, Logan had planned for my parents and sister and her Fam to koin us for a little mexican celecration at Los Dos. It was a great plan but a bit Exhuasting for me, I sat on the outside witch ended up being a mistake, not concidering Tessa's potty training and has to go use the bathroo about 5 times while we were there. LoL, oh well nothing a little margarita action didnt fix.  Then is was home and Scott anBrandi came over for ice cream with little Emily. She is just too cute:) Logan topped off the night with the best Bday  girft ever. A hole spa day just for me:0) Still need to book it but have to get well enough to be able to enjoy it first:(

Next came Valentines Day. Yeah, one of our fav's for sure.... The girls and I had made fun stained glass window hearts the week before.
That moring we got ready and all went to Kaylie's pre-school Valentines party. Tess went to and we had lots of fun.  Then mom came for lunch and spoiled the girls with gifts, Then Daddy got home and we gave him his gift and Candy.And I gave the girls their little gifts from me, neck pillows for the car, their friends Brohdy and Trey got the same ones too.And a little box a candy. It was all and all a good day. Logan and I had celebrated early with a movie(Identity Theft) Great movie by the way, and a bite at PF Changs, LOL Logan wasnt a fan, so wont be going there again. Me I can take it or leave it, My fav thing there has always been the fiesta breeze iced tea,lol.


Lilly was less than impressed with the neck pillow, lol!!! Poor dogs:)
Next Came Logan's Birthday!!! Happy 29 Babe/Daddy.  We love you!!!
He was spoiled as usual, But my plans so invite friends over for cake and ice cream fell through, I want to urgent care and have brohncitus so i didnt want people over here picking up our germs. So the girls and I made him a cake, His usual yellow with confetti frosting, LOL he's a kid a heart. He got lots of good gifts too. Thanks everyone for your love:) Sorry no picks , guess when u r our age birthdays arent photo werthy lol.
 Just a few more updates
Heres  a cute pic of the girls and my mom. I had made them crowns that night to play with.

So the past week, Kaylie picked up a sickness and ended up with a fever for 4 days and on the 5th day went to the Doctor and had a double ear infection, so a 10 day round of anti biotics. Done in 3 more days yes!!!! Then last Friday I went to urgent Care and have Brohncitus, round of anti-biotics for mom, finished them today and dont feel a whole lot better. Uggg i hate germs!!!!!! Hoping we will all be better by this weekend. Logans brother Colton, AKA Uncle Colton gets to come to sweet Home this weekend, The girls are sooooo excited to see him and Aunt Rachel. I plan on having a get together for a belated birthday for Logan, Hope it all works out, Cross Your Fingers for ME!!!!
Until next time, hope all is well for all our family and friends..... With love the Cooley's...